Transforming Sacramento State’s Science Center into a Student’s Dream

Feast your eyes on the extraordinary, new science complex at Sacramento State! Kodiak Union Roofing was proud to be part of this project at CSUS —  transforming it into a science dream for students and faculty. Our team worked on the scopes, waterproofing sturdiness, roofing, pavers, flashing, rock, and so much more. Enjoy the photos below to see our work come to life!

The innovative Tschannen Science Complex is home to Chemistry and Biology students, providing them with the latest educational technology for learning and researching complex global challenges. The 96,631 square foot building boasts a remarkable planetarium with a 40-foot diameter dome offering a stunning 360 viewing area. The state-of-the-art planetarium includes two 4k projectors that project the entire solar system for students to learn about space in an immersive digital experience. Plus, the building comprises an observatory with a retractable roof and two telescopes, glass-walled labs, and views of the school in a refreshing and stimulating learning environment.

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Throughout the project, our team was professional and conscientious of the aspects and layout to ensure the project met the highest standards. We would like to recognize our team of dedicated and hardworking professionals who took pride in making this project successful. 

We appreciate all the contributions of everyone involved that allowed us to turn a dream into a reality for CSUS.

  • Miguel Dominguez – Foreman
  • Joel Huizar – Sub Foreman
  • Miguel Munoz – Sub Foreman
  • Oscar Mercado – Sub Foreman
  • Rafa Macias
  • Jose Dominguez
  • Alfonso Dominguez
  • Jesus Dominguez
  • Julio Macias
  • Austin Ramirez

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